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Perruque Boutique carries a wide variety of Wig styles and colors. We have machine made Wigs, Lace-Front Wigs, Hand-Tied Wigs, Synthetic Wigs, Human Hair Wigs, Synthetic & Human Hair Blend Wigs, Mono-Top Wigs, Mono-Part Wigs and Open-Top Wigs. We offer Toppers for those not ready to take the plunge into a full Wig or those that just need a little extra fullness. We have Wigs for every occasion. If you need a custom color or specific style, we can order it for you and drop ship it right to your home!


Mid Length Wigs

Perruque Boutique offers Mid Length Wigs with a variety of color and style options.

This Wig, toasted sesame, with volume and versatility, is a great color for the Fall season at heart.


Classic short

Perruque Boutique carries many short styles.
We carry chin length styles, Bobs, and flirty short styles. This Wig is versatile and can be combed down or given some lift for some volume. The back has a nice taper giving this a classic and elegant look.


Trending Curls

Perruque Boutique carries a variety of loose, medium or ringlet curled Wigs. 
This Wig, in a rooted blonde, offers curl that creates natural movement and style.


Long Length Wigs

Perruque Boutique offers a variety of color and style options in our longer lengths. 
This Wig, in medium brown, has nice long layers, giving it lots of volume and style.


Hats With Hair

Perruque Boutique offers Hats with Hair as an option for those that want an alternative to a Wig! The hair is attached to the hat to make it easy to just "throw on and go"! There are a variety of hair colors and styles to choose from.

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